Hello! We are Julie & Owen - a husband and wife team based in Dublin, Ireland. We create a range of unique wall art and stationery.

From our studio on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin, we skilfully blend a combination of both physical and digital disciplines to create our unique range of contemporary prints and greeting cards. Our distinctive body of work is both exciting and modern, with a strong emphasis placed on kineticism and the playful use of colour.  

In addition to creating wall art and greeting cards, we also produce tote bags, notebooks, and ceramic mugs which we ship to customers all over the world.

The less we say about it the better. Make it up as we go along. Feet on the ground, head in the sky. It's okay, I know nothing's wrong, nothing " - Talking Heads

Jando Design began as a little joke between the two of us. We got married in New York in 2012 and wanted to create something special and fun for our family and friends to remember the day. After fruitless searches for stationery vendors which matched the vision we had for our wedding; we decided to create our own stationery. We designed everything from the personalised hardback book wedding invitation to the luggage tags and the button pins which our guests wore on the day.  It was a mammoth undertaking which took seven months to complete and was so rewarding that we just kept going and haven’t looked back since. 

Together, we share a strong work ethic and take great pride in our craft. We believe in attention to detail and are passionate about what we do. We have a mutual understanding of each other’s thought process and approach when it comes to design. Over the years, we have created an environment where no idea or concept is ever off the table until we both fully agree on it. This working environment is simply an extension of our relationship.  We are best friends and just happen to be husband and wife. We love hanging out and we love working together. We’ve got each other's back. 

Meet Julie

Wife, designer, and co-founder of Jando Design.

Wife, designer, and co-founder of Jando Design.


Julie’s approach to her work reflects her outlook on life. Positive, generous, and 100% down to earth. Her boundless enthusiasm has helped steer Jando in more directions than they ever thought possible.

Drawing upon her background in marketing, Julie oversees everything from business strategy to branding and packaging, and makes sure that day to day operations run smoothly.  In a nutshell, she holds everything together.

Julie is obsessed with the movies of Wes Anderson. She adores everything from the symmetrical imagery of Anderson’s framing, to the quirky characters that inhabit his world and the glorious production design of his films.

She believes in a healthy mix of design, work, and life, with the odd cocktail thrown in for good measure. Julie's philosophy is if you can’t reward yourself after a tough week in the office, then what’s the point?


Meet Owen

Husband, chief designer, and co-founder of Jando Design. 

Husband, chief designer, and co-founder of Jando Design. 


Owen believes in throwing out the rule book when it comes to design. He loves to experiment with colour and is fascinated by the role colour plays in informing our perceptions of familiar objects, from everyday items in our homes to the buildings on our streets.  

The works of Peter Saville and Anton Corbijn have had a huge impact on Owen and both continue to influence his thought process and appreciation for design to this day. 

Owen finds inspiration from all corners of pop culture and the arts. Music & film play a huge role in both Owen’s life and work and he absorbs as much as he can. He also loves the movies of Stanley Kubrick, Terence Malick, and Michael Mann. He is an avid collector of films from the Criterion Collection. 

He likes to create lists and doodle in his closely guarded book of ideas .