Jando At Work


August Bank Holiday Weekend - We travelled to Stradbally, Co.Laois to begin work on our stand for the London Design Fair which takes place in September. Read more about that here.

We'd spent the last few weeks sketching and designing different stand configurations. As usual we had a million and one idea's. As soon as we thought we'd found the perfect setup, we'd figure out its limitations, scrap the idea and start all over again. 

We then decided to approach things a little differently. We figured that we'd probably end up spending  all of our time designing what we believed to be the best possible layout for our stand, only to find that it wasn't fit for purpose after we had constructed it. 

We both knew what we wanted to achieve and rather than stick to one particular design, we agreed that we should have a shortlist of 3 rough designs / layouts. It was important that each setup would contain elements that could be used in each of the other two setups if we decided to change something down the line. 


On Saturday morning, we headed to Heuston Station and caught the train to Portlaoise. We payed a quick visit to fabulous The Store Yard for a little shopping and then grabbed some lunch.

Spotted in The Store Yard.  "Biffo & The Bear" -  Guess things didn't work out too well for either party! 

Spotted in The Store Yard. "Biffo & The Bear" - Guess things didn't work out too well for either party! 

In order to save time, we had all the materials delivered during the week. We got to work and spent most of Saturday afternoon constructing the timber frame for our stand shell. 

Once the shell was constructed we applied the first of two coats of paint to the walls. 

Then it was time for some food...take that kale! Biff! Sock! Pow!

After dinner, Mary and Owen applied the second coat of paint to the shell. We were all exhausted and decided it was time to call it a day. We spent the rest of the evening listening to music and telling stories at the dinner table. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday morning we finally started building our display.  Julie took a very hands on approach to the entire affair; meticulously sanding all the shelves until she was happy with their look and feel.  All the woodworking skills she picked up during her Leaving Cert were finally put to good use.

We made a few minor modifications to the display but nothing too significant and funnily enough it all seemed to come together pretty quickly in the end. 

That evening, we had dinner and a little party to celebrate. On Monday morning, there were whispers and rumours of a video existing that purports to show several individuals at the table below, singing and dancing to Bruce Springsteen at 4am in a sitting room deep in the Laois countryside.  After hearing this we decided it was best if we headed back to Dublin. 

A huge shout out to our family who gave up their entire weekend to help us build our new display. We simply couldn't have done any of this without them. 

Erica was our chauffeur for the weekend. She made sure we were well fed and extremely well watered for the duration of our stay. 

Ray helped us construct the shell and offered sound advice regarding the setup and also came up with loads of great ideas for our display. 

Mary got stuck in with the painting and made us laugh all weekend. She even came up with a great idea for our stand which we ended up incorporating into the final design. 

It's hard to believe it's a week since we built our setup and London is fast approaching. We feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction in what we managed to achieve last weekend. Our display is everything we hoped it would be and more. We think it best reflects who we are and most importantly, that it's the perfect display to showcase our work.  

We still have a long ways to go before all is revealed in September. Back to work.....

Julie & Owen